We recently participated in an event called "Rouge eh Blanc" Fashion & Art Show downtown High River.  We decided to have a family theme in our presentation of the fashions we carry at Red Bag.  As we are a family-run business that supports other family-run businesses it was only fitting that we should celebrate "the family".  We had models representing three generations.  This event will be held annually on the Sunday following the Long Table Dinner.  Tickets go on sale for the event at the first Farmer's Market of the season and this year they sold out in one day!   The fashion show tickets will be available at the same time next year.  All of the fashion retailers and other downtown businesses contributed to the swag bags and I was amazed at some of the great items that were included.  There were also 20 VIP seats and their swag was even better!  We are already thinking up some sweet swag for 2018 and working on a new theme.  Here are a few shots from this year!

Runway photography is not an easy thing.  We would like to acknowledge Joanne Loewen of Lifestage Collective for capturing the fun atmosphere of this day.  The audience was especially helpful in encouraging our models to enjoy their moment on the red carpet.

We would also like to thank our friends and most loyal customers who volunteered their time to model for us!  The children were especially patient and co-operative, and so adorable!

Also, look who flew in from Penticton!  You can normally visit Brooke at one of our stores in Penticton but you just never know where she might turn up!


 A Look Back at 2016

2016 was a unique year at Red Bag and before we venture full on into 2017 we thought we should take a look back and record some of the memorable events.  Since almost the very beginning of Red Bag, Derek's now wife Brooke has been travelling with us for the buying and production trips to Nepal and Thailand.  Over the years our dear friends in Nepal would often ask "When are you getting married?"  and when they announced their engagement, they also said "You must get married here, it will be so great!"  And so they did.

In February of 2016, Derek and Brooke shared and celebrated this life event in true Nepali tradition.  This was made even more special by the attendance of 13 Canadian friends and family as well.  Not only were there many things to prepare, all the Canadians arrived and were toured around to World Heritage Sites, Temples, and even our factories.  Amir, Derek and Brooke's friend and Nepali brother, worked tirelessly and coordinated with many others to get everything done.



Derek's outfit was truly incredible.  Shortly after arriving in Nepal he had to immediately go to the tailor to choose fabric and be measured so his suit would be made on time.  They even made his wedding slippers to match!

Brooke also had to visit many Saree shops to find just the right one and in Nepali tradition, the groom gives the bride a Saree to change into after the ceremony is complete so she would need two!  Brooke has been sponsoring a young girls education since her first trip to Nepal.  Rebecca and her parents have become Brooke's Nepali family and they organized the priest and many of the details for the bride. Rebecca sat by her side for the entire ceremony. 

At the beginning and the end of the ceremony a youthful fusion band played and also marched with the Rickshaw parade from the temple to the reception site.

The Bride and Grooms rickshaw was beautifully decorated and  was followed by many others and created a news worthy spectacle!  People came out onto the streets to cheer them on. 

And here is the group photo!

On September 10,2016 Nepali and Canadian traditions came together for the Canadian wedding! The bridesmaids wearing Sarees and the Bride wearing her bangles.

The men wearing their suits from a tailor in Thailand that we see every year.

The prayer flags strung through the willow trees for the ceremony.

The natural beauty of the Canadian landscape the perfect backdrop.

Derek and Brooke celebrating a year to remember.

When our store flooded in June 2013 and most of our inventory was destroyed especially our wool inventory, we appealed to our manufacturers in Nepal to help us ...rebuild our inventory and deliver it quickly. Kumar Dahal acted very quickly and began working on our order with his team. The order was large and had a lot of detailed work involved. His team worked long hours to make sure that the order was delivered to our cargo on time so we would have the goods when we re-opened November 1, 2013. Amazing! Amir Thapa collected so many items for us to replace the many unique products that come from various businesses in Nepal and he too, had our goods delivered on time. Sanjay quickly had some of our clothing manufactured and packed up other goods we desperately needed to help us re-open with a complete product selection. And there are many others, some who we still have not heard from and at this time have no way to find out if they are safe.
They all were very caring, kind and wanted to help us in any way they could without question and without regard to their own personal or business obligations. That is the true spirit of our friends and families in Nepal. We can only hope to match their efforts and help them through their much more devastating crisis. So much love and gratitude to all of you!

You can donate to the charity that we feel will do the most good at this time.  We want to get as many shelter boxes out to protect those who lost their homes as soon as possible, before monsoon season begins.

Derek had some fun in the fitting rooms in the Penticton store!