About Us

                    The name "Red Bag" came to life during a trip abroad after I graduated from University.  I was robbed after only 5 days of a month-long trip of everything but my Red Bag in which I had my most valuable items: my passport, camera, and wallet. It was my first ever experience being robbed, and it really ruffled my feathers. I was fortunate to be left with my Red Bag, and the ability to move on and keep travelling. To this day I carry my Red Bag on all my travels and business trips abroad. I cannot wait to go on my next trip where ever it may be, but there is no place on Earth I love more than my home.
Our focus is ethical, environmentally conscious, quality creations. Using raw natural fibers as much as possible, and products that are not harmful, dyed naturally if possible to minimize our environmental impact.
Supporting family businesses and private designers in Thailand and Nepal, we travel directly to the factories to ensure clean, humane, consistent positive working conditions are maintained. Women’s’ cooperatives and small communities(villages) benefit directly as we create jobs that enable a consistently balanced long term workload, and quality of life.
Everything we create is made by hands, using looms, manual silk screening processes, and finishing techniques.

Take pride in knowing each and every item has a story, and a lifespan behind it. Brought to you for your enjoyment and self expression. Be yourself, Love to be Unique. DEREK ADDUONO (Co-Owner)
I believe that my love for the world, travel, language, and culture has brought me here. I want to share  my experiences with everyone who enters Red Bag. My mother Angela and I started the ideas of the store in 2007 and we have been growing this idea since then into something ever evolving. We continue to discover, and we strive to offer you a comfortable, quality and unique product. It has been an absolute thrill to create, learn, explore, and experience simultaneously for my job. 
I have spent most of my career in fashion retail and it was my dream to someday own my own retail store in the town of High River where I have lived for 18 years.
My desire for work/life balance and a healthier lifestyle ignited the dream, but it soon expanded to something so much more. In 2008 our doors opened in High River and now we have grown to two stores!  It has been a humbling, challenging and a wonderful adventure growing this business with my son, Derek.  
I have always thought, "How great would it be to be able to put retail buying dollars to work in a way that has real meaning?"  and that is exactly what we have done. Every item in our store has a story, a personal connection, and a value far beyond the stitches and design detail. 
I love that we can spend time with the people in Nepal and Thailand who are creating our goods.  I am in awe of the talent, creativity and love that they put into their work. It is exciting when we come across a designer in Thailand that has created something truly unique and special.  And it is thrilling to see that same excitement on the faces of our customers when they see the product for the first time.
Many customers have commented that they just love to spend time in the energy of our stores and we owe a huge amount of gratitude to every beautiful soul who has put their energy and love into the items that fill them. The collective spirit of our team both local and abroad makes the Red Bag experience what it is.
We look forward to each new season as we learn, grow and create! Our slogan "Inspired fashion for the creative mind" is always the motivation for our exploration and imaginings. nd